VTC Qualifications

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VTC is one of the premier Vehicle Quality Assurance companies that have performed thousands of vehicle inspections; both in plant quality assurance as well as vehicle and maintenance program integrity audits. We are currently under contract with several agencies to perform quarterly vehicle integrity and program audits on transit vehicles. In addition, we have inspectors in place at all of the major bus manufacturing facilities in the US. We are under contract with the following agencies, SF Muni - El Dorado (Salina), City of Merced - El Dorado (Salina), Reno Nevada - El Dorado (Salina), Sky Harbor - El Dorado (Riverside), LACMTA NABI Composite Buses, and LACMTA NABI Steel Buses. Also, we are under long-term contract with the following agencies to perform Quarterly Maintenance Audits: East Bay Oakland, South Bay San Francisco, and Fremont & Hayward Para Transits just to name a few. All of our inspection staff is highly experienced with both Para Transit Vehicles and Large Buses. We also audit the running repairs and integrity of in service vehicles. This gives us a high degree of understanding as to the issues that arise with transit vehicles long term.

VTC Personnel Location Experience

Project Manager, Maintenance / Audit Support and Report Development

- Brent Sumrall

Mr. Sumrall has 27 years of continuous service in the field of maintenance management, consulting and vehicle integrity inspection services. He has performed work for some of the largest transit agencies in the country and is truly a nationally recognized expert in the transit vehicle integrity field.

Vehicle Integrity Audits

- Rick Hittinger

Rick has worked in the field of maintenance for over 30 years and was the technical services manager for the LACMTA where he was responsible for all engineering projects including all new bus procurements. Rick will serve for records review and technical support on all maintenance management reviews and support. He will also serve as the asset inventory and management consultant to help keep assets in compliance and within FTA guidelines. This includes asset inventory proper maintenance as well as developing a replacement schedule if necessary.

- Ron Morrison – Daryl Templeton

The proposed on site inspectors for this project will be Daryl Templeton and Ron Morrison. Both Daryl and Ron have for the past few years performed the duties of on site inspector for the RPTA and have become very familiar with the equipment operated and all personnel involved in the maintenance of the vehicles. We believe Ron and Daryl will continue to be great assets to the RPTA in their efforts to assure safe, reliable vehicles are placed in service by the RPTA.

On line quality Assurance Inspections

"Indiana New bus inspections"

- Daniel Wakeley

Mr. Wakeley is a true quality assurance specialist. He possesses a high degree of expertise in the area of ISO compliance and in fact has trained many companies in this area. Since recently retiring from the Arm services he ahs served the industry in the area of in plant quality assurance inspections. He is currently our CalAct final buy off inspector and since this is a fairly new project he has completed only three inspections with this project. He is currently inspecting the MTS buses at Starcraft and serves as the local inspector at all of the plants in the region. This includes Goshen, Elkhart, Supreme, champion, Braun, Arboc, Glaval, Eclipse, and MV1.

"NABI - Anniston New Bus Inspections"

- Danny Allen

Mr. Allen will serve as a vehicle integrity auditor for all quarterly audits. Mr. Allen has over five (5) years experience working with VTC for the bus/public transportation industry as a production quality assurance inspector as well as 13 years of experience as a heavy equipment mechanic and supervisor for the US Army. This experience includes Vehicle Turn-Over Audits, Fleet Condition Assessments, Bus Re-Habilitation Inspections, New Vehicle Inspection/Acceptance Inspections, & On-Line Inspection Organization. He has performed vehicle integrity audits for Tempe AZ and LADOT.

"NABI - Kaposvar and Budapest Hungary New Bus Inspections"

- Tibor Bitter

Mr. Bitter is a true quality assurance specialist and is truly a NABI expert. He ran the quality production of the Budapest NABI plant for ten years and was responsible for all aspects of production management and quality assurance. He is local to Hungary. Being native to Hungary, he speaks fluent Majarule (Hungarian) in addition he also speaks and writes fluent English. He is proficient with Word Excel and in fact trains companies on proper use of these products. Mr. Bitter is truly an international Quality Assurance Specialist and has worked for companies around the world.

"New Flyer – Winnipeg Canada New Bus Inspections"

- Ben Jones

Ben Jones has over 25 years of experience in the production of buses. He has worked in all aspects of the production process. In addition Mr. Jones has worked in the majority of the production plants as well as he has performed many vehicle integrity audits. This experience has given him the added advantage of insights to the production plant operational issues that can impact the quality control of bus production.

"New Flyer – Crookston New Bus Inspections"

- Bob Iverson

Mr. Iverson has performed hundreds of QA inspections at all three bus production plants at New Flyer. He was a maintenance specialist for the Marine corp. before retiring. He has worked for some of the largest transit agencies in the country: LACMTA, Phoenix Transit, and El Paso. Mr. Iverson has a keen sense of understanding as it relates to production staff cutting corners and he has the ability to get to the root of production flaws and bring timely resolution to most situations.

"El Dorado – Riverside New Bus Inspections"

- Ken Lutkus

Mr. Lutkus is a highly respected experienced Transit Vehicle Specialist. He has worked with some of the Largest transit agencies in the country and is a nationally recognized for contributions to the support and management of many on line inspection projects. Since starting with VTC Ken has focused on performing turnover and fleet integrity audits as well as performing on line quality assurance inspections. He is currently working for VTC at the El Dorado plant where he is performing on line inspections for the Sky Harbor Airport Rental car Facility.

"El Dorado – Salina New Bus Inspections"

- Ed Harlow

Mr. Harlow has extensive experience in performing final acceptance and the ultimate quality control of vehicles, more specifically buses. He was employed by El Dorado Field Service for 10 years and was responsible for service of the buses after delivery working with the various dealers at point of delivery to control the final fit and finish of the vehicles. His responsibilities within the factory included the development of the production documentation as well as warranty administration. Mr. Harlow possesses excellent people skills, which he utilizes to resolve issues in the plant when discrepancies arise. He is a very self motivated individual.

- Yarrel Beans

Mr. Beans has been on staff with VTC for that past 4 years. He has inspected over 200 buses for VTC during production and final buy offs. He before starting with VTC he inspected buses for First transit as well as TRC. He has a keen understanding of the buses and production process at El Dorado Salina.