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Cal-Act Document's

Introduction -

The Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA) developed a procurement by which they allowed all manufacturers of large medium duty and small vans to provide bids to manufacture vehicles for all Members of Cal/Act. With this solicitation MBTA has awarded a contract to all qualified venders. The MBTA also contracted with Vehicle Technical Consultants to perform pre award audits at all of the manufacturing plants that are part of the award and product lines submitted as part of each vender's proposal. These audits were to include a base pilot bus audit. Since this process is unique to each property it would be prudent for each property to perform an additional more specific pilot bus audit on their unique first article. Our approach to this unique process was to address the intent of the base MBTA Technical Specifications. In addition we performed a detailed pre-award audit including initial Buy America compliance and Quality Assurance review. We have provided these reports bellow.

To access the books, contact your bus Sales representative or VTC and you will be provided a user name and password, then simply click on the magazine of your choice.

Cal-Act Project Books

Arboc Gaval Elkhart Az Braun Az SPARE
Braun Cb Champion ElDorado Kn ElDorado Ca Goshen