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Welcome To VTC

Vehicle Technical Consultants Inc. is all about Improvement and results. We specialize in all aspects of Vehicle Maintenance Management, Vehicle Engineering and Quality Assurance and Oversite. Our company has nationally recognized specialists in vehicle procurement and the Maintenance Management field. Many of our staff are nationally recognized maintenance professionals in areas such as: Alternative Fuels, Preventive Maintenance, New Vehicle Quality Assurance as well as, Vehicle Condition Assessments for both Quarterly Program Assesments and Contract Turnovers. Now we have increased our support to include CNG Tank Inspections, Fire Suppression Inspections and Gas Leak detection System Inspections.

VTC's main focus for all of our projects is to help fleet owners to improve performance, safety and productivity, while dramatically reducing cost. We take a hands-on approach to all of our projects. We have the ability to quickly identify shortcomings in performance that are hindering agencies from reaching their full potential and a high level of performance which consequently, will reduce cost while improving the fleet reliability. For more details please review our client list and list of services. Keep in mind that combining many of our services can maximize the results while reducing the overall cost of services.


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VTC Is Actively Seeking Vendors!
Vehicle Technical Consultants Inc. is actively seeking vendors who qualify as DBE to supply services for Quality assurance inspectors as well as administrative services at fair market prices. We are expanding business opportunities to those who qualify. You must be reliable and have proof of certification and financial standing.

"Please Contact us from the link below."